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Originally from Boston, MA, Francesca comes from a musical background. 

Her brother is a professional jazz musician in New England and

her mother was once a jazz singer.  She began private flute lessons at the

age of eight and continued through her schooling years.  Consistently

holding first chair she competed statewide.  But life wrote her a different tune, and marriage and family became her heartsongs.  After taking a somewhat long sabbatical, she stepped out of “musical retirement” in March 2022 and is now back to doing what she loves: playing flute.  She plays a wide variety of genres, from jazz to pop, oldies to soul.  She is available to entertain at your family gatherings, holiday parties, anniversary parties, picnics, memorials,

any event that would be enhanced with some sweet sounds.  

Flute by Francesca | Creating ambiance at your next event.
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